We Accept:

Winter clothing (All clothing must be seasonally appropriate, less than 2-3 years old, clean and odor-free. Outdated clothing does not sell.) No specifically Easter or beach theme items...save them for our spring/summer event! We WILL accept athletic shorts, but won't accept normal shorts. Please save them for our spring/summer sale in 2021! Junior sizes in teen styles. (seasonally appropriate). Please, do NOT send us adult clothing. We will not be able to enter it. Limit 15 hangers per consignor number Maternity clothing - Limit 15 hangers per consignor number - in style and in good condition, nursing tops, bras and other related items. Infant clothing Price competitively - it's abundant! Winter shoes in excellent condition Baby equipment (strollers, high chairs, pack n' plays, swings, bouncy seats) BIG BIG Sellers - Please be sure to get these items in our Event - these items add big $$ to your paycheck! Children's furniture Car seats with a manufacture date of 11/14/16 or later (We also have a waiver that you will need to complete.) Nursery accessories High quality toys, books and video games. If a toy is battery operated, it must have working batteries. Toys and Puzzles MUST have ALL of the pieces. Sports equipment and accessories Gently used Chairs, Hutches, Bookcases, Leather Sofas, Bedroom Sets, Wicker, Patio Sets, etc.

We Don't Accept:

Halloween Item Queen and King Bedding Breast Pumps Recalled Items Any battery operated toys, swings or bouncers that do not function. VHS Tapes Stuffed Animals (Unless they are Build-a-Bear or Talking/Animated Animals) Any item that is stained, torn or overly worn. Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or lost parts. Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (i.e. bags of all army toys, Barbie toys, all cars and trucks, etc.) Antiques, Lamps, Collectibles, Dishes, Accessories, Decor that is not intended for a child's room, any furniture that is hand painted. We do not accept television sets, household electronics and household exercise equipment.